Travel enthusiast

We are a family of people who love travelling up and down the countries. our passion for travelling has taken us from the far east to the far west. From the north, also it has taken us down south. We have completed more than a hundred countries and we are still counting!

Love to discover new places:

Among our other passion like understanding locals, their culture and their languages, we love to relate the choice of dress, the food that they eat and the languages t nju8t they speak.

Arabian countries are the most challenging:

If there is anything that is very challenging then it is not able to speak in Arabic. When you tell them that you do not understand their language, they sweetly smile back wondering how on earth to make you understand!

Travel guides:

We never use travel guides. We do not want to do anything that has been done by someone else. We do not want to be swayed by anyone’s experience. We want to learn to do things in our way and the most original expression of ourselves.

Investing in language books:

It’s a good idea to invest in language books and also specifically learn a few emergency medical terms. It can help save someone.

Living in and out of bags:

Travelling is addictive. There was a time when I hated to go out with anyone and the prospect of going out of the airport was unfathomable. But now when I ,look back I know that I have benefitted myself. Now, I am the first person to pack and leave showing how passionate I am about my hobby.

Like Ulysses, the ancient mythological Greek king said, “…the graying spirit yearns for adventure, and yearns to follow knowledge like a sinking star beyond the utmost boundaries of human thought.”

The world beckons, what are you waiting for?!